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Exotic Auto Club & Father's Day Car Show

Exotic Auto Club is proud to be invited by Hornsby Westfields to be a part of this year’s father’s Day event.

Does the idea of steering a luxury or supercar get your heart racing? Then you are in the perfect place. But wait — the excitement does not stop there!

We’re hosting an exciting giveaway, and you’re invited to participate.

FREE 30-minute supercar chauffeur experience
50% off on your next car rental
Exclusive Exotic Auto Club merchandise (hats, hoodies, shirts)
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Our Services

Vehicle Branding, Video and Event Marketing

Boost your brand with Exotic Auto Club's vehicle branding and video marketing services. Leverage our luxury fleet for impactful video and event marketing.

Premier Chauffeur Services

Sydney's top Chauffeur Service with Exotic Auto Club. Perfect for events or a personalized luxury drive without the fuss. Experience elegance on the go.

Self Drive Exotic Car Rental

Experience 24/7 service exotic car rental in Sydney with Exotic Auto Club. Dive into our self drive rental fleets, featuring top supercars and exotic vehicles.
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